• We love digital technologies

    Flexible, specialised, with high quality standards and passion.

  • Because we think technologically by nature

    Our vision is based on sustainable, ecological and economically viable agriculture enabled by automation. Our solution: a small and cost efficient carrier platform with the ability to adapt to most divers environmental conditions.

  • Customized products for Industry 4.0

    We offer solutions ranging from connected sensor systems with innovative wireless technologies to control cabinets with powerful control electronics.

    Our goal: digitalization of processes and plants – no matter how complex.

  • The automotive sector: our roots

    We develop and produce high-tech niche products and special solutions for the automotive industry. Our portfolio ranges from simple control devices and the associated software to complex measurement technology – also in embedded environments.

We are digital workbench

We believe in our skills and strengths, our team spirit and our passion for what we do. This belief is what drives us at digital workbench GmbH. We never rest, we are always evolving. When we established the company in 2014, our main focus and most of our expertise lay in the automotive sector. That’s where our technological roots are. Today, we leverage the expertise grown during those formative years and apply it to new areas: robotics as well as industrial and environmental technology.

We are experts in digital technology applied to agricultural robotics, government and special-purpose vehicles, LoRa radio communications and industrial control systems.

We design, develop, test and manufacture your custom electronics applications as well as our own in house. You decide whether you want us to deliver individual packages or develop your project from the ground up.


Ask the experts, ask us! One area we focus on is custom electronics for trial and development purposes. Our latest product: a special-purpose vehicle module kit for quick integration of radio and emergency vehicle lighting control systems.


In early September 2022, after around two years of development, we delivered our first autonomous carrier platform Tipard 350, complete with unique driving and steering technology, innovative module kit, superb maneuverability and autonomous movement on the plantation.

Nachhaltige IT

Environmental & Industry

Our goal? Digitizing simple and complex processes and installations. Our service portfolio? Custom development, programming and manufacturing of industrial control systems as well as professional radio technology and modules.

Our services –
your benefit

We stand behind what we deliver. Where expert knowledge meets commitment,  success is guaranteed. What distinguishes us? We offer a one-stop shop experience from product development all the way to manufacturing. In this process, we aim to not just be your service provider. We see ourselves as partners, contributing our innovative ideas, our know-how and our longstanding experience to make your project a success.

Are you looking for a specific product?

In addition to providing services supporting your development efforts, we offer our own products and systems built from our module kits for agricultural robotics, special-purpose vehicles and radio technology.


You are a software or hardware developer,
have at least a few years of work experience and
are excited about automation in general and robotics in particular?
Come join us! We look forward to receiving your application at:


A strong network

Apart from our customers and employees, it is our partners in industry and science who deserve credit for a sizeable portion of our company’s continued success. Together, we drive innovation and mutually benefit from sharing our knowledge and experience. And here is the best part: our network is constantly growing.

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We are ISO-certified

At regular intervals our processes are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001, guaranteeing a consistent high quality. From prototypes to mass production—our exacting quality standards are applied from day one and undergo constant scrutiny and reevaluation.

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